Hardwood & Laminate

Over the years, dirt and grime become embedded into the wood or laminate floor through normal usage. Cleaning and buffing restores your floors by removing superficial scratches from the finish and wood. We use the right tools and products to clean, buff, and refinish the floor using a non-aggressive cleaning method. We would love to have the opportunity to bring the beauty back into your home. 

Hardwood & Laminate Cleaning Process

Our step by step process is thorough and will restore the appearance of your floors.


Step 1 | Inspection & Wax Identification

Our team inspects the hardwood or laminate to be cleaned so we can select the appropriate cleaning tools and products. We also test for any acrylics such as wax that may need to be removed before cleaning.


Step 2 | Set-Up

We close off the area to be cleaned and cover all appliances near the area with plastic to make sure they do not get debris splash during the clean.


Step 3 | Wax Removal (If needed)

We apply a Wax removal solution that turns the solid wax into a soft liquid. We then agitate the wax build up around all the floors. The loosened wax slurry is then extracted and rinsed, leaving the floors ready to be cleaned. 


Step 4 | Apply Cleaning Solution & Agitation

We apply the correct hardwood or laminate cleaner and use mechanical agitation to scrub and loosen embedded soil. For the hard to reach places, we use a hand brush to scrub to make sure no place is left uncleaned.


Step 5 | Excess Water Removal

For any leftover water that was unable to be removed through extraction, we use a mop, buck and hand towels to make sure that no water is left behind.


Step 6 | Floor Buffing

Once the hardwood or laminate is completely dry, we buff the floor to not only polish the floors of any superficial scratches, but also entrap any remaining loose dry debris and soil. This step really makes the true beauty of your floors really pop!


Step 7 | Apply Refinisher to the floor(Optional)

Refinisher is a great option when your floors have deeper scratches that have penetrated the top floor finish. It can really give that new appearance without having to fully sand your floors. Refinish can be applied in glossy or matte application.


Step 8 | Final Inspection

A final walk through is conducted to make sure no areas were missed. We go over our work with our customer to ensure that they are completely satisfied with the results.

Hardwood Refinishing

Refinishing is a great option when you notice visible scratches and scuffs on your hardwood floors. These become apparent over time with the use of shoes, dragging or moving furniture, pet claws, falling items etc. The refinisher helps conceal damage without having to fully sand your floors. Upon arrival our time can assess is this is a good option for your home.

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Our Cleaning Services

We provide unrivaled quality cleaning services across a broad spectrum of different surfaces and fibers.

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Cleaning hard surfaces can be a real pain. However, as professionals we have have a system in place to make sure your floors shine and are sealed to be protected for years to come.
Wood Floors

Hardwood & Laminate Cleaning

Cleaning and buffing really brings out the original beauty and elegance in your floors that standard sweeping and mopping just can’t achieve. Our expertise and tools can get that deep clean you’ve been looking for.

Carpet Cleaning

Quality carpet cleaning results that your deserve. Our team is prepared for it all and if we cannot do it, then the carpet needs to be replaced.

Upholstery Cleaning

Our capability to clean various types of upholstery and provide outstanding results are considered to some of the best in town. Count on us to restore your furniture to like new condition.

Commercial Cleaning

Don’t let your office or commercial space be ignored. Your customers judge you on appearance and the productivity of your employees all depend in large part on the cleanliness of your facilities.

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Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority. Our ability to provide quality cleaning results time and time again is unmatched with others in the area. You can count on us to pull through for you each time.

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