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Our company excels in providing quality carpet cleanings that will leave them looking new. Throughout the years, we have seen almost every situation possible on a variety of different types of carpets. Our honesty and transparency will ensure you are satisfied with our work.

What Our Clients Say

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negar tehranchi
negar tehranchi
12 May 2023
I am very satisfied with the service I received today. Roberto was amazing, thorough and professional. He took his time to clean our hardwood floor for 5-6 hours and our floor looked great after he was done. I will definitely ask him to come back for our next maintenance and highly recommend their service.
Diva Borrelli
Diva Borrelli
5 May 2023
He was professional and extremely helpful. Absolute YES! To his services 100%
Alina Soliman
Alina Soliman
3 May 2023
Was super nice , quality job , very communicative! Definitely recommend
Kim Ponders
Kim Ponders
30 April 2023
Went above and beyond scrubbing the old wax and grime off my wood floors left by a former resident. Floors were perfect after many hours of work. I couldn’t be happier and would highly recommend this service.
Matthew Howard
Matthew Howard
20 April 2023
Robert was fantastic. He was quick to show up for an estimate and it was a fair price. He was incredibly kind and he did a great job. Carpet and hardwood for our new home. We will absolutely use Sterling again.
Brigette Street
Brigette Street
2 April 2023
Robert was on time, professional, courteous and did an excellent job!

Hot Water Extraction

We use the most recommended cleaning method in our industry to restore life back into the carpets. Our technique when it comes to efficient cleaning is one of the best in the area.

Step 1 | Inspection

When our team arrives to your house, we do an initial inspection and take note of the stains, heavy traffic areas, worn areas, and any special cases that need to be taken care of.


Step 2 | Vacuum

We use a powerful commercial grade vacuum to recover all loose soil, dust and debris from the carpet. This also prepares the carpet for a more efficient clean.

Step 3 | Apply Pre-Spray Product

We apply one of our cleaning products which helps break up and dissolve the stains on the carpet. Occasionally we will use spotters to remove the heavy duty stains.

Step 4 | Agitation

After the cleaning product has had some time to dwell, we use mechanical agitation to thoroughly scrub the carpet.

Step 5 | Hot Water Extraction

We turn on our high quality truck mount unit with our wand tool attachment and begin to extract all the remaining debris, stains and cleaning product to ensure there is no residue left over.

Step 6 | Air Movers

Once we finish out deep extraction, we will set out several commercial air dryers to speed up the time it takes the carpet to dry.

Step 7 | Post Inspection

During the last stages of drying, we accompany our customer for one last walk-through to review our work. Any additional questions are asked at this time by our customer to ensure they are satisfied.

Type of Carpet and Rug Fibers We Clean


CGD (Commercial Glue Down)







Pet Urine Treatment

Pet stains are a common occurrence in almost every household. In fact, many times when people move into a new house, pet stains that were never taken care of are still lying in silence accumulating bad bacteria and foul smell. Let our team tackle the urine problems and make sure they stay away for good.

Step 1 | Apply Enzyme & Deodorizer

We use our urine removal cleaning products and apply it to each stain. These help to break down the urine salts. We also follow up with a deodorizer to make sure that we eliminate the foul odors left by urine.

Step 2 | Hot Water Extraction

We use our urine extraction tool that is hooked up to our truck mount system and begin to extract each individual stain. This process can take awhile depending on how deep down the urine has been set in.

Step 3 | Dry & Final Inspection

We use our commercial air movers to speed up the dry times and go over each stain with our customer to show that the salts and foul odors have been successfully eliminated.

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Our Cleaning Services

We provide unrivaled quality cleaning services across a broad spectrum of different surfaces and fibers.

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Cleaning hard surfaces can be a real pain. However, as professionals we have have a system in place to make sure your floors shine and are sealed to be protected for years to come.
Wood Floors

Hardwood & Laminate Cleaning

Cleaning and buffing really brings out the original beauty and elegance in your floors that standard sweeping and mopping just can’t achieve. Our expertise and tools can get that deep clean you’ve been looking for.

Carpet Cleaning

Quality carpet cleaning results that your deserve. Our team is prepared for it all and if we cannot do it, then the carpet needs to be replaced.

Upholstery Cleaning

Our capability to clean various types of upholstery and provide outstanding results are considered to some of the best in town. Count on us to restore your furniture to like new condition.

Commercial Cleaning

Don’t let your office or commercial space be ignored. Your customers judge you on appearance and the productivity of your employees all depend in large part on the cleanliness of your facilities.

Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority. Our ability to provide quality cleaning results time and time again is unmatched with others in the area. You can count on us to pull through for you each time.

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